I am the video game consumer

I am the consumer,
I care not from whence it came,
All I do is eat and eat,
Without a jot of shame

Sure, my favourite company harbours sexual predators in their staff, in positions of power, sometimes even on the board of directors. Those are just bad eggs though. When workers do something bad, that’s on them, but when they make something great, that belongs to the company.

What do you mean stop playing their games? What about all those good eggs who worked ceaselessly to make them? Do you want to punish them? Sure, I’m completely silent on the issue of crunch, and every other issue surrounding workers rights, but for some strange reason I care a lot about them when they’re used as a meat shield for a company’s reputation.

I hope the reviewers of my company’s game keep politics out of it. I don’t want to know how the product I love came to be, I don’t care how the sausage gets made. Why are you talking about this in the trailer thread? Can’t we just talk about the product and how great it is? Sigh, so tired of reading about how people are unhappy, can we get some positivity?

I see you there with your list of criticisms, your reasonable doubts and your dislike of company direction. Very well written, shame number 13 on your list is technically wrong because of X/Y/Z. Too bad, they nearly had to improve something, thank goodness I’m here to take the side of the company in these discussions. Imagine what might happen if these pro-consumer demands weren’t countermanded at every turn? I shudder to think.

You see, they had to make the games cost £70 because of inflation: if they didn’t cost that much, they wouldn’t be making any money. What? No of course they weren’t struggling before, game companies are the most profitable they’ve ever been. What do you mean this is a contradiction? These two facts live perfectly happily in my brain.

What do you mean the community is toxic? That’s on the community in my book, people need to take responsibility for their behaviour. Sure, the only thing that the game’s community has in common is that they all play that game, but I think people should just be nicer. Put things in the game to make that easier? They’ve got limited resources you know, I think you’re asking too much.

Nice try, I see you talking about how my favourite company has abandoned your game, with almost every piece of evidence suggesting that is the case. But wait, here’s a post from a PR spokesperson saying that they haven’t abandoned the game — are you saying they’re lying? I think I know who to trust.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll convince me that it is unreasonable for them to sell weapon skins for £50. But probably not.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll convince me that it is unreasonable for them to push unavoidable gambling mechanics on their players. But probably not.

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll convince me that it is unreasonable for multi-billion dollar companies to constantly release products that are nonfunctional on release. But probably not.

Even if you manage this monumental task, and for a moment I recognise that these things are horrid.

Well, that’s just the way things are.

We can’t change it.

C’est la vie.

Looking forward to their next product though.

I am the consumer.

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